4 reasons you'll want to mine cryptocurrencies with us


Providing our Clients with valid and up-to-date cryptocurrency know-how turns previous tech entertainment into viable investment and passive income source.

Tech support

Cryptocurrency miners and pool owners can focus on substance of their passion, while we take over everyday maintenance, tech and servicing issues.


Mining rigs colocation in our facilities allows energy price to be reduced by up to 66% (0.04€ per kWh), making mining much more cost-effective.


Climate control, CCTV monitoring, fire fighting systems, security guards and tech experts working 24/7 ensure maximum stability and security of our Clients mining rigs.

Start profitable mining!

Mining-dedicated colocation facilities

map with pin at wwk here

Start profitable mining!

Multiply your Bitcoin with our investment opportunities

Bitcoin deposits

Safe short-term investments from 1 month to 2 years can provide our Clients with stable 15% yearly ROI

Our Clients trust us with total 3.283BTC

Bitcoin bonds

2-year Bitcoin bonds are guaranteed to provide at least 40% ROI

5-year Bitcoin bonds are guaranteed to provide at least 120% ROI

Bitcoin trading

If you are willing to share cryptocurrency trading risk with our traders, you can gain up to 30% monthly ROI.

Last month profits: 22%

This year profits: 28%

Overall profits: 31%

Tech investments

With BTCinvestments.net you get opportunities to invest your Bitcoins in developing tech companies and acquire

BTCinvestments.net is negotiating decent ownership level on investors' behalf, as well as performing technical analysis and risk assessment.

Reinvestment platform is being developed. Subscribe our newsletter to get notification on launch.

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Mining pool

0% fee for Clients

As long as our Clients keep their mining rigs in our colocation facilities, they use our pool comission free. Other Miners can mine with attractive 1% fee.

Huge hashrate

Multiple Clients and other Miners using our pool allow for quick block finding, therefore rising each Miner's rewards.

Secure mining

BTCinvestments.net mining pool's team works round the clock to make sure security of Miners' Bitcoins stored online.

Pool development is in progress. Subscribe our newsletter to get notification when pool opens.

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Contact us


Mining rigs colocation request

Please let us know your colocation demands, such as estimated power consumption, expected start date and expected price.

We'll get in touch to provide you pick-up or delivery details.


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